There are a few seats available for the day version of ILLUME. DAY educational opportunity is focused on beginning to advance film education. If this is the first time you are shooting a film camera or want to stretch yourself in a non-client environment, this is for you! I am grateful that The FIND Lab will also be there to discuss film applications, such as the best low light stocks and pushing film. You will have many opportunities experiment and try something new. We will have an INCREDIBLE set up for you to get inspired and creative some beautiful imagery! Amazing group of vendors bringing this, classic, feminine vision together... Rachael Ellen Events, Soil & Stem, Miesh Clothing, Jean & Jewel, OC Tanner Jewelers, Janelle Ingram, Frou Frou Chic, Ink & Press Co, Flour & Flourish and Alli Marye. Sponsored by The FIND Lab, Pictureline, Pic-Time & Refined Presets!

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